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Installing a geyser is not just a matter of plugging it into a power socket and connecting the pipes. It requires a cautious approach by trained and certified professionals who will conduct the job in accordance to the industry standards and required safety levels. First, the bulky tanks of the heating system have to be hoisted into the roof cavity carefully before a reliable plumber begins connecting it to safe power connections and a range of water supply options. Geyser installations conducted by unqualified individuals always end up causing health and safety hazards. They also inflate your water and electricity bills due to poor connections. Our expert installation service is available to give you quality cost-friendly services.

roofWe have been in the industry long enough to understand all the technical and safety requirements fundamental for geyser installation, plumbing and geyser repair in Johannesburg. Our experts know how difficult it is for you to go a whole day without a fully functional boiler and that is why we respond swiftly to service your needs.

With many unqualified individuals in the industry, it is advisable to check if the plumber you are choosing to work on your task is actually certified. We are qualified and seasoned installation pros offering straightforward maintenance solutions at affordable costs. Our services are tailored for both commercial and industrial use and we can offer our quality fail-safe services that save you time, effort and are cost-effective. Some of the services that our company provides include:

• Gas geysers • Instant hot water systems • Special Geyser services • Solar water heating Johannesburg • Geyser installation/fitting and repairs • Heating systems for homes

To fulfil your water heating needs, we install solar geysers that efficiently heat water at low costs in addition to the regular heating tanks. We install modern equipment that uses the latest technology to help cut down your energy expenditures. Many people prefer our gas geysers in Johannesburg as they drastically reduce their energy costs. Trust us for efficient installation and quality maintenance services.

No wants to face emergency plumbing issues and its associated hassles and that is why we offer a comprehensive geyser maintenance contract for regular checkups and refurbishments of your plumbing systems. Our prices are fair and our top quality services work to eliminate instances of emergencies or failures.

As experienced, prompt and proficient technicians with vast knowledge in all plumbing areas, we pride ourselves in the ability to solve any geyser-related problems. Call us today for complete installation and geyser maintenance services at a cost friendly price. Call our Johannesburg experts on 011 568 2459.

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