Plumbing – it sure can be a tough job, involving a lot of elbow work, with irregular hours and sometimes with real emergencies. For this reason we like to remind ourselves of the lighter side of things. That’s why we’ve scoured the web and put together some interesting facts in a handy visual (see above). For our first post we think it’s important to remember it isn’t all graft. There’s a lot more to our profession that mending pipes and stopping leaks!

We all have a plumber’s number on our phones (hopefully a registered one) – but can we honestly say we know very much about how it all works? Given that we spend an average of three years on the toilet (you read that right!) you’d think we all should know a little more about it. Our Joburg contractors use the latest tools and technology, yet sometimes we forget just how old our profession really is. Since 3000 BC in fact when the Indus River Valley civilisation devised an earthen plumbing pipe-system to transport water and remove wastes. But rest assured our practices have improved since then!

We’ll leave you with just one more fact: toilets in the USA will be flushed most frequently the Super Bowl half-time. More than any other time of year. But how on earth did they work that out?

But, hey, we don’t want to encourage you to learn too much about plumbing – else we might be doing ourselves out of a job! As always, seek a professional to get the job sorted.

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